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Hello, my name is Kundo (also, Jasmina). Professionally, I practice art but I am interested in many many other things too. I should state here that I find the system of training people to become specialists boring, regimented, robotic and even stupid. Some of my major interests are food, farming, sustainable living, alternative healing methods, the human condition and probably aesthetics. I believe that everyone is a lively mixture of many things and specialists are just a myth!

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Pomegranate flavoured popcorns

Well, I had made pomegranate molasses/syrup a few weeks ago and I was pretty happy with myself. There were two pomegranates in our refrigerator and they had been lying there for a long long time. They weren’t good enough to eat but I could still juice them and make some molasses out of them. So, I did! You can follow the same steps as making sugarcane molasses to make pomegranate molasses. They yielded 36 grams of pomegranate molasses. 

You can also buy pomegranate molasses from a store near your house if they keep such things. I made mine at home because a) I was curious, b) things like pomegranate molasses aren’t available where I stay and c) I had two very old pomegranates lying in my refrigerator. But I am sure buying it will be cheaper and less time consuming… I am just guessing. 

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