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Hello, my name is Kundo (also, Jasmina). Professionally, I practice art but I am interested in many many other things too. I should state here that I find the system of training people to become specialists boring, regimented, robotic and even stupid. Some of my major interests are food, farming, sustainable living, alternative healing methods, the human condition and probably aesthetics. I believe that everyone is a lively mixture of many things and specialists are just a myth!

Posts tagged: stew

Chicken onion stew

I have been on and off from blogging for a long time now and there have been times when I remained static for months only to emerge with two or three recipes. Well, I think it will have to be this way since I get involved in things every now and then. Recently, I have been into soap making and it has been fun and fruitful (…will be putting up a blog post regarding that, later)… unlike my baking experiments. 

Anyway, my plan, this time, is to come up with three consecutive chicken recipes and end it with a beef one (I got a food wish!) . Let’s see if I am disciplined enough to act on it. 

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Hawai uri thongba / bonavista beans stew

Hawai uri or bonavista beans are one of my favourite beans and they are always tasty regardless of the cook’s skill. They are one of the foods that I like for their visual appeal. They are dark and green and handsomely proportioned. And I have always thought of them as freshly harvested food since I remember Mama cooking them that way… plucked from our kitchen garden or gifts from friends’ kitchen gardens. These came from Mama’s friend’s home garden. 

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Long beans cooked with slow roasted fish

Hawai asaangbi ngaaphak ka thongba or long beans cooked with slow roasted fish is one of my favourite Manipuri dishes. But my father hates it because of a bad childhood memory. I was telling Mama about my blog and had asked her to help me document some of the Manipuri dishes. Though she doesn’t belong to the internet generation of the Manipuri population, she is someone who is very fascinated by it (she thinks that one can find anything on the internet - she is almost right), so she was more than happy to oblige. So, this one is prepared by Mama and I am the photographer. 

I saw some really nice looking lo(oooo)ng beans lying around in the kitchen so I thought they would make a good photograph. That in turn, led to this recipe based on it. 

The ingredients that you will need for this are as follows:

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Ngaa atoiba thongba (Manipuri fish stew)

Ngaa atoiba thongba is more of a way of cooking fish than a dish itself. The name itself describes the way the fish is cooked. Ngaa means fish and atoiba means disintegrated in our language. So, the fish is disintegrated in this way of cooking it. Usually, the ingredients are almost the same as the ones that are used in the Manipuri fried fish curry (will post that later)… the difference is in the way it is cooked. It is a dish best eaten with clean bare hands rather than with a spoon, fork or chopsticks. But if you do not want to venture into eating with bare hands, you could always remove the fish bones before cooking the fish. 

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